The Fog Lights in Your Elantra

Fog lights play an essential role in safety. It's easy to understand why bright fog lights are the best option because they increase the driver's visibility. Fog lights are special lights that are positioned lower than headlights and are designed to illuminate the surface of the road and the area immediately in front of you. The lower lighting that is provided by fog

lights is especially beneficial for use on poor road surfaces because it allows you to see potholes and to avoid damaging your tires, throwing your Elantra out of alignment or worse. Fog lights enhance your personal safety along with the safety of your vehicle, other drivers, pedestrians, animals and property. Welcome to HyundaiPartWorld. We are located in Bremerton, Washington, which is conveniently near the Seattle area. We invite you to speak with one of our certified parts staff members who specialize in parts selection. Hyundai Part World specialists are available to talk with you and to answer any questions that you may have at 360-377-3855, or you can send us an EMAIL.

Fog Light Benefits

The roads in Bremerton, Washington, can be hazardous and drivers rely on the help of salt during the cold, icy and snowy Washington winters. Fog lamps are designed for use in heavy rain, fog or snow and will enable you to see the edges of the road that are closest to the car. Making safe progress in harsh, wet weather is always slow, but the fog lights will enhance your progress by illuminating the immediate path in front of your vehicle so that you can safely drive through otherwise dangerous weather conditions. LED fog and halogen bulbs offer enhanced and reliable visibility during potentially treacherous driving conditions. Fog lights provide light that travels further through the mist that sits just above the surface of the road. Headlights are positioned higher and point straight ahead, which can make it difficult to see through fog or heavy snow, and the light reflects a glare that can project directly into your eyes. Fog lights are designed to reduce glare and are angled to sweep the edges of the roadway. Fog lights also make it easier for other drivers to see your vehicle, which will increase your personal safety. Fog lights are not designed for dry, clear weather. Use discretion when driving on slippery roads that are wet or icy without falling snow, rain or fog. The fog lights provide a downward illumination that can add sheen to a roadway that is already shiny from water or ice. This addition shine can create a reflective glare in the eyes of other drivers, and we must operate our vehicles in a cooperative effort that benefits everyone. Choose to use your fog lamps with discretion because while they are very beneficial during adverse weather conditions, they are not useful for daily use.

LED Bulbs or Halogen Fog Lights

LED bulbs are recommended for fog lamps because they create the brightest, clearest light. Light-emitting diodes are commonly referred to as LED bulbs. Installation of LED bulbs is as simple as removing the current bulb and replacing it with a new LED bulb. Some LED bulbs are larger in size than halogen bulbs and may not fit into an older fog light housing unit. You should measure the available space before placing a LED replacement bulb order. Standard automotive bulb sockets have codes for specific bulb sizes and styles. You can enter your VIN into the Hyundai Part World search bar on our home page to locate the industry-agreed standard replacement bulb for your Elantra. Universal sizes are the same throughout the auto industry, and a particular code number has bulbs that match it. LED fog lamps are vehicle-specific, and the bulbs that are applicable for your Hyundai's model and year will be displayed when you enter your VIN into the search bar. Because fog lights are very particular, we recommend that you verify the fog light bulb size in your owner's manual as a precaution. LED fog light bulbs are only suitable as replacements for halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are not compatible with HID/Xenon fog light units.

Are LED Fog Lights Superior?

The big difference between LED light bulbs and traditional halogen incandescent bulbs is how they use electricity to form light. Halogen bulbs use a central filament thread that burns at extremely high temperatures to radiate energy as light. LEDs don't operate the same way. LED bulbs are similar to transistors, which glow as the electrical current moves through them. LED bulbs do not waste energy by creating heat, and as a result, they require only one-fifth of the energy that regular bulbs use. LED light bulbs can provide bright white light that resembles the light generated by the xenon or HID bulb at a fraction of the cost. LED lights are sealed from moisture and receive a waterproof or water resistant rating in up to three feet of water. LED bulbs are also more durable and can withstand shocks that bulbs with filaments could not survive. As a result, LED bulbs have a much greater longevity. For example, traditional bulbs last about 1,000 to 2,000 hours, while LEDs bulbs can last for 10,000 - 50,000 hours. This means you will probably only need to install new, LED fog light bulbs one time because they should last for as long as you own the vehicle.

LED Fog Light Bulbs

LED fog light bulbs are made with metal heat sinks, which are shaped like flexible ribbons or radial patterns. The diodes inside of a LED bulbs produce only a small amount of heat while providing brighter light than traditional bulbs. LED fog light bulbs that are used to provide high amounts of light are equipped with internal, small cooling fans that are located inside of the base. The fan inside of the bulb disperses the heat through vents, which improves the lifespan of the fog light.

LED Light is Measured by Lumens, Not Watts

The brightness of your LED fog light bulbs is measured by lumen output rather than wattage. Traditional bulbs utilize wattage ratings to measure the intensity that they provide, but a wattage measurement is measuring the energy consumed instead of the brightness of the lamp. Because LED bulbs only use about 20 percent of the electricity that halogen bulbs use, wattage consumption can't provide an accurate comparison to measure the LED light output. So, LED bulbs are rated using lumens. One lumen equals the light of one standardized candle power (cd) unit. Lumen output is in the description of the fog light bulbs. is located in Bremerton, WA, and has an easy-to-use website. Just enter your vehicle's VIN or the make, model and year into the search bar along with fog lights. If you would like personal assistance or help with a part selection, please call us at (1 360-377-3855), or send us an EMAIL. Thank you for your business!