What You Need to Know About Your Hyundai Floor Mats

Floor mats are designed to fit the unique contours of your car’s interior. They are placed on top of the carpet to protect it from dirt, debris, spills and stains. The floor coverings trap the rain and mud prevalent during Bremerton-area storms. They are easily removed for cleaning. Floor mats should be considered an investment because they protect the carpet used to outfit your Hyundai Elantra, which helps retain its value. A clean interior also shows pride of ownership while making the ride more pleasant.

Types of Floor Mats

Floor mats are available in two main styles known as carpet and all-weather. The geographical location in which you live is a key factor in determining the best type of floor mats that you should use in your car. If you reside in an area like Bremerton that experiences substantial rainfall or a location that receives ice and snow, it may be better to select an all-weather design instead of carpet floor coverings. - Carpeted Floor Mats As the name implies, these floor mats are made from carpeting materials. Although they have a more luxurious appearance, these floor coverings are more expensive. Carpet grades run from Berber to velour and plush. They may have a rubber backing or grommets that connect with small hooks to help secure them in place. - All-Weather Floor Mats Made from vinyl, rubber or a composite material, all-weather floor mats are usually budget-friendly and may last longer than carpet designs. Because the material does not absorb stains and moisture like carpet, the water and spills can collect on the mat or splash over the edges and on the carpet. As a result, you should select a mat that covers as much interior carpeted surfaces as possible. These mats are also less likely to slip out of position. How to Clean Floor Mats Because of the material from which they are made, all-weather floor mats are usually cleaned by washing them with soap and water. Use sponges or a soft bristle brush to remove caked-on dirt. Rinse the mats with clean water. Lightly soiled carpet floor mats can be vacuumed to remove dirt. If they are stained, other cleaning methods should be used. A stain can be soaked with soap and water or a carpet-cleaning solution. You can use dish soap or laundry detergent. After the cleaner has been allowed to penetrate the stain for several minutes, use a soft bristle brush to scrub the stained area. Blot dry. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. If the stained area is large, soak the entire floor mat in the cleaning solution before scrubbing the affected areas. Deep stains may require the use of a carpet-cleaning machine. Hang the floor mats to dry thoroughly before placing them back in the car.

Reasons to Replace Floor Mats

Unlike a preset oil change schedule or the telltale audio warning from your brakes, there is no specified time that you should swap-out your floor mats. You can replace the mats for a newer or different set whenever you choose to do so. If you purchase a new or used car that does not have mats, you should purchase a set right away to protect the interior carpet. If you plan to sell your Elantra, a new set of OEM floor mats will make a good impression on potential buyers. Even if they are a less expensive model, the floor mats will be one of the first things that a buyer will notice after opening the door. If you plan to keep your car for an extended period, consider replacing floor mats that have any of these issues. - Really Dirty Each time that you enter your Elantra, you track in dirt, water, debris and other contaminants. You may also spill food and beverages on the floor. Over time, the mats become discolored. Even though you clean the floor coverings regularly, the mats may not appear as clean and bright as they should because dirt and stains become embedded in the fabric. When this occurs, you should consider purchasing a new set of floor mats. - Excessive Wear As you drive or climb in and out of your vehicle, your feet scuff the floor mats in the same places on a regular basis. This can cause excessive premature wear marks on the mats while other areas still look relatively good. The uneven wear can detract from the appearance of your vehicle. The worn areas may eventually develop holes through which dirt and water can pass and stain the carpet below, which defeats the purpose of having floor mats. - Insufficient Durability The extreme rainfall in the Bremerton area means that you will be tracking a lot of mud and water into the passenger compartment of your Elantra. An inexpensive cloth floor mat may not be able to withstand the elements. You may need to consider using durable, all-weather mats for better carpet protection. The all-rubber design is generally easier to clean on a regular basis.

Why Use Name Brand Floor Mats?

Name-brand floor mats are manufactured from high-quality materials to the same standards that apply at the Hyundai assembly plant. In addition to matching the interior color better, the manufacturer’s adherence to the original specs ensures that the mats will provide the same level of performance and durability. Hyundai OEM floor mats will fit correctly without the need for any modifications. As a result, they will not interfere with the safe operation of the brake, clutch or gas pedals. This eliminates the confusion and apprehension that can arise when considering other replacement products.

Ordering with Confidence

When you need replacement OEM floor mats, hyundaipartworld.com has you covered. We stock a wide range of Hyundai OEM carpet and all-weather floor mats. Along with selecting the appropriate year, make and model from the drop-down menu, you can search our extensive catalog listings by keyword, VIN or part number. Our helpful staff is also on-hand to answer any questions and ensure that your order is shipped right to your door.